A Trip to the Golden State

Robert and I were blessed to make a trip to California this past week!

My parents generously provided free tickets (from saved up miles) for the two of us. The main purpose of the trip was to present our plans for mission work in Angola to my home congregation, the Walnut Creek Church of Christ (WCCC). We were also able to squeeze in some sight-seeing, two baseball games, and some great time with family and friends!

Here are some highlights from the trip...

We left a little after 5am Thursday the 3rd and arrived in San Francisco at 10am. After lunch we went to the Golden Gate bridge. My Momma, Robert, and I enjoyed a walk across the bridge and my Daddy drove across to meet us on the other side.

(Me, Robert, & Mom)

(Dad driving across & waving)

Friday evening after a yummy dinner at In and Out Burger, we went to John and Barb Zeller's house (an elder from WCCC) to meet with several families from WCCC and to have dessert and a Q & A session about Angola. We had a very nice evening with everyone. I especially enjoyed seeing and catching up with so many from my church family at WCCC. We were asked many many great questions and hopefully we painted an accurate and informative picture of the country of Angola and our plans for mission work.

Saturday we went to an afternoon Oakland A's baseball game. They played and beat the Cleveland Indians. After the game we had lunch at a favorite Mexican Restaurant and then came home to celebrate my brother Clay's and my birthdays early with some 'scrumptious mocha' ice cream dessert. Clays girlfriend, Lolita, was there and all of us wanted to watch slides of Clay and I as kids except Clay. Finally we convinced Clay and Lolita to come and watch slides with us. If you are ever at my parents and want to have a good time, ask them if you can watch slide tray #19. Those pictures were HILARIOUS! We laughed until we cried. I wish I could post some of the pictures here for you to enjoy...let's just say they included some great dress-up fun...

Sunday we went to church and gave our Angola Missions presentation to the congregation. There was a potluck after church were we had another Q & A session. Both the presentation and the potluck went very well and we received a lot of compliments and encouragement from everyone there. That afternoon I was able to spend some time with my dear friend Brooke Henry. That night Robert and I taught my parents, Clay, and Lolita how to play Settlers of Catan (a favorite game of ours) and enjoyed a couple games of that.

Monday we drove into San Francisco to go to the Giant's home opener. They played and lost to the San Diego Padres. After the game we met my friend Jeannie at the ferry building and had dinner with her there. Our flight left that night at 10:20pm. On the way home Robert was sick (probably as a result of garlic fries at the game, a big dinner, and Cold Stone Ice cream). He had a lovely time in the airplane lavatory for most of the ride home.

When we got home he went to bed and I went to the store to buy him Gatorade and chicken noodle soup. He was feeling much better the next day.

That was our trip!