Safe in Luanda, Angola

Hey everyone! Our team made it safely to Angola this morning! We are stinkin' tired. Tomorrow we will go to church and Robert will preach--his sermon will be translated into two languages! This will be a new experience for him. Please continue to pray for our team and our experiences while in Angola. I will take some time to write a quality post here in the near future. We love you all!


Officially Waiting!

The day is here! We received an email from our CHSFS adoption specialist today that said we are "now officially waiting for the referral of siblings of either gender within the age range of 0-48 months."

So how long will this wait be? The current wait for a single child is 6-9 months. The email states, however, that "the wait for a sibling set is undefined at this juncture." So, who knows! We trust that God is and will be at work throughout this period of waiting.

We are often asked a question along the lines of "How can you wait that long?"
To me that is an easy question. I am just plain excited to be in the waiting period. We're finally here! The vast majority of the paperwork is behind us and we have been deemed fit to be parents by the powers that be. There is also the fact that we are waiting to be NEW parents to TWO children--which means there is a lot of responsibility around the corner. Waiting for more responsibility doesn't sound like such a bad deal.

So we are happy to be waiting.

But we wont just wait, we will prepare ourselves for when those beautiful children enter our world. We will prepare ourselves to meet these children, to welcome them into our our family, and to love them unconditionally. We will prepare ourselves to be parents to them. We will prepare ourselves by learning attachment strategies, obtaining advice from the experienced, reading consumer reports on baby and kid stuff, collecting discipline strategies, praying, getting rid of stuff, organizing and preparing a room for them, finding a pediatrician, saving money, and soooooooo much more.
We look forward to the day that we get a referral (and I am sure that when waiting gets old you will start to see the anticipation in us) but, as you all know and experience, we have plenty to keep us busy while we wait.

The down side to the wait that we are most concerned about is how this will effect the timing of our future plans as missionaries in Angola, Africa. Please pray specifically for this concern. The later we get a referral, the later we go on the mission field. This not only affects us; it affects our team as well. Please pray for God's will and wisdom in the timing of these events. Speaking of Angola, we are leaving A WEEK FROM TODAY!

I have started knitting a blanket for each of the kids. I am making them in bright colors so that each of them will be suitable for a boy or a girl. Here is a picture of the yarn I bought and a couple of the squares I have knit already. When I knit the squares of the blanket I spend time thinking about the kids and praying for them. The blankets are going to be special gifts for my children someday.


Happy Mother's Day!

We Love you!

Baby Teague and her Momma, Heidi Houseman

Robert and his mom, Beverley Meyer

Teague, Momma, and Grandma, June Martin

Baby Robert and Grandma, Margaret Allum


Robert J. Meyer B.A., M. Div.

MY husband now has his Master of Divinity Degree! I am VERY proud of him. He has put a lot of time into that masters--driving, reading, studying, writing, posting, testing, calculating, prioritizing, worrying, not sleeping, learning, succeeding, growing--and he now has the degree to show for it. On top of all that time he put into the M. Div. he worked "part time"(meaning more than part time) at Silver City and he was a full time husband (paying bills, sweeping floors, making an occasional meal, taking the dog out, giving me attention and much much MUCH more).

He is a new man now. He has time to play Xbox, golf, spend more quality time with the Silver City kids, do the dishes (as well as other household chores), read for FUN, and he may even begin blogging (laugh with me if you know Robert's blogging history). Our friends are noticing that a weight has been lifted off of Robert's shoulders as well. Our friend April Ruple mentioned to me that her husband Brent said "you could tell Robert just finished school - he was in the best mood he's ever seen him in."

Robert Graduated on Saturday, May 3, 2008. Here are a couple pictures from the event! You can also click on the title link to see more.

in other news...

Our adoption study was approved by CHSFS today! To give you an idea of where we are in the process, we are now in the process of compiling all of the documents needed in order to complete the dossier. When the dossier is complete and approved, we will be on a waiting list. We can't wait to be on the waiting list. Please continue to keep the process in your prayers!