Three years and Counting!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary, yesterday, July 30, 2008.


Angola in Pictures IV: Huambo & Luena


Huambo is another very pretty city. It is one of the largest cities in Angola. It has very little missionary presence that we know of.

This is a place where women make and sell dolls to support themselves.

Robert and I bought these four dolls for the children that we are adopting from Ethiopia.

This is an outdoor market.

Huambo has a large park in the middle of it.


Luena is located near the boarder between Angola and Zambia. It is home to a small Church of Christ made up of Angolan refugees that returned to Angola from Zambia after the war. Here are some pictures of the church service in Luena.

Danny teaching Bible Class.

Robert Preaching. I can see Alex, can you?

Rusty praying. Alex is in the spotlight again...how cute :)

Jordan held this baby and hummed hymns with this woman for a long time after church. Jordan has a way with bridging the language barrier through her nonverbal communication.
She has an amazing gift!

Meeting with church leaders.

The kids.

Teague says smile and points to both her cheeks, so the kids smile and point to their cheeks.

Teague realizes these kids are going to do anything she motions for them to do for the picture.
Do this she says as she raises both her arms in the air.

Angola in Pictures III: Lubango...where we found reliable transpotation

I hope that you are all enjoying the pictures! This next bunch is in Lubango. Lubango is a very pretty place and there are many missionaries that live there. It gave us a small taste of what missionary life is like outside of the crazy capital city.

Jordan and I had the opportunity to visit a mission hospital.

Below is a picture of Jordan and me in our scrubs. Jordan scrubbed in for the first surgery and I observed and asked Dr. Foster, the full time doctor at the mission hospital, questions and documented what we learned from him. Check out this link to learn more about Centro Evangelico de Medicina do Lubango (Evangelical Medical Centre of Lubango).

None of the following pictures are graphic...just in case you were worried!

Jordan assisting in surgery.

The front of the hospital.

Inside the hospital. Everything is clean and new. The hospital is barely a year old now.

This is Rosa, the head nurse. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from a school in South Africa. She was a great resource to Jordan and me. Rosa talked with us about the needs that she saw in Angolan health care. She shared with us that many of the nurses there were nurses just to have a job and an income. It was rare to have a nurse that is motivated by his or her desire to be a light to the sick people of Angola as Jesus was a light to the sick that he encountered. Rosa strives to teach nurses to be a Light and a servant to others.

Alex with Uncle Wop later called Uncle Robit inside the missionary compound.

Christo Rei - there are three of these statues in the world -
one in Brazil, one in Portugal, and this one in Angola.

The stairs to the top.

In the provincial cities one of the most efficient ways to get around is by Mototaxi.

Yes, that is a Colorado Rockies hat! Robert kept track of all the MLB hats, jerseys, etc. that we saw while in Angola. I just happened to get on a Mototaxi with a driver who had a Rockies hat on--it was a special day for this baseball fan!

This is the plane that we took to the last 4 stops of the trip. It is flown by pilots from Missions Aviation Fellowship (MAF). "Charlie Golf Whiskey Oscar Hotel" as Brent, our pilot, would say over the radio. Thankfully the airplane was much more reliable than the taxi or the bus!

This is all of us in the plane. Gary is in the back giving us instructions...
such as the location of the "sick sacks."

Co-pilot Robert.

The view.

The in-flight entertainment.


Angola in Pictures II: Visualizing Road to Benguela and the Road to Lubango

Remember this post? Well, here it is in pictures...

This is the first picture taken after our bags flew out of the taxi cab. As you can see Robert was the first to the bags :)

And here he is bringing the bags back.

The Angolan in the background of this picture below (he's in the black shirt carrying more bags)
is the famous mystery passenger a.k.a. the mechanic!

The first stop to cool off the radiator. There is Silva (our driver) leaning inside the taxi.

We all got to do a little exploring. I think Alex loved exploring the most!

Here is just a small taste of some of the beautiful scenery that we saw on our way.

Robert took this picture in downtown Benguela. School children in Angola wear these lab coats.

Benguela is on the coast. Here is Alex having some fun by the ocean.

Here is Rusty preaching for a small church in Benguela.
...and don't forget Charles our trusty translator!

After church we spent some time with the church in Benguela.
Here is Robert talking with one of the church leaders.

Danny and Rusty speaking with other church leaders.

Some of the women of the church in Benguela.

Me with some of the children at church.

Katie, me , and Jordan inside the church.

Group picture of us and several of the church members outside the church.

The girls and Fifi. Fifi is a dressmaker. We are standing in front of posters of the different patterns she can make. She made us each a dress similar to the one she is wearing in this picture.

Here are some of the events on the road to Lubango.

This is our bus broken down on the side of the road
where we waited several hours for a replacement bus

This is me inside the bus.

This is Jordan singing Christian songs with some of the friends we made on the bus.

Here are some of the people we sang with to pass the time.

Here is our replacement bus with a flat tire a mere 9 minutes after we got back on the road.