Great Smoky Mountains: 08.24.08 - 08.30.08

The following is a recap of our trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park with my parents.
It took place almost two months ago!!

Day 1

We left after Church at Silver City, driving to Nashville to pick up my parents and then to our cabin in Gatlinburg. We arrived after midnight.

Day 2

The first thing we had planned for the morning was to go get some breakfast at a local restaurant. Then we planned to go get groceries in order for us to pack a lunch. After that we would go on a hike....however...our plans changed...

It rained all night and it was raining in the morning.
As we drove down the steep hill from our cabin to town this happened...

There was nothing Robert could do...we were driving under 10 mph, the wheels were turned with the curve, and we just slid over the side. The road was slick because it hadn't rained in several weeks, so water on top of oil and chemical buildup led us to this. The poor guy drove his in-laws over the edge into the trees.

So, we called a towing service and were out and safe and sound at the restaurant for breakfast
in about one hour!

Here is Robert in the car as it was towed.

The rest of our day consisted of breakfast, grocery shopping, leaving the car for a few hours with the mechanic, walking around Gatlinburg while we waited for the repairs to be done, going the visitors center, a short nature walk near the visitors center, and dinner.

Here are Dad, Mom, and Robert on the nature trail.

Day 3

The headlines the next day...

In the morning we took a drive on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail
and we stopped at this old church.

While we were there I followed two older couples into the woods
and took some pictures of these deer.

While my parents and Robert went to see the church, I stayed in the woods. The people I was with said they had seen bear droppings and that they thought there might be a bear around because the deer were acting skittish.

I am glad that I stuck around because I was the first to see a bear! The picture below is the closest I got to getting a picture of them. They are in the very center of the picture...in the background just to the right of that tree in front.

Maybe you can see them better in this closeup...

We also went on a short hike to Grotto falls. We hiked in our ponchos in the rain.
We were soaked by the end of the hike.

Momma and me under the falls.

Day 4

We drove the Cade's Cove Loop Road to the Abram's Falls trail head and hiked to Abram's falls, pictured below.

It was once again a rainy hike!

Day 5

Family picture at the beginning of our hike to Chimney Tops.

This was one steep hike!

It looked like it had cleared up enough that afternoon in order for us to get a good view, but by the time we got to the top the mist rolled in...this was the best view that we got!

Here is what the Chimney Tops looks like from the ground.

On the way back to the condo (where we stayed for the last couple of nights of the trip) we all saw bears! A momma and three cubs crossed the road in front of us!

Day 6

We began early with a hike to Clingman's dome tower...the highest point in the park.

Mom and dad start the ascent.

Here we are at the top.

Acting silly on the decent.

Our second hike of the day was the Alum Cave Bluff trail. This was a beautiful hike! All the way up there was something pretty or interesting to see!

Why the trail has the word "cave" in its name.

Picnic lunch at the top.

The view.

Day 7

We drove home, dropping our parents off at the airport in Nashville. While in Nashville Mom and Dad went to the Parthenon while Robert and I had lunch with our friends from Harding, Adam and Jocelyn Rollins. We stopped by the Opryland Hotel to kill some time.

The End.

New York City: 9.11.2008 - 9.13.2008

Robert and I went to New York City over one month ago! We went to see both the Yankees in their last season at Yankee Stadium as well as the Mets in their last season at Shea Stadium. We also went to visit our friends who live in Brooklyn--Steven and Jennie Baird. It was Robert's first time in New York, but not mine--It brought back several memories of sightseeing and baseball games from when I was a Kid. Here are some pictures from the trip!

Day 1

We flew into NYC on September 11th. We watched the memorial going on on TV before we boarded our plane in Atlanta. It was an interesting day to arrive in NYC.

When we arrived in NYC we entertained ourselves until the Bairds got off work.
First we went to the UN for a tour.

Then we walked downtown, ate at the Carnegie Deli, and saw Times Square.

That evening Steven and Jenny walked us to where we could see this view
of the September 11th Memorial.

Day 2

The next day we got up early to catch the first ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

After some more walking around downtown, we met Steven and Jennie at Shea stadium...
...but sadly the game was rained out

Day 3

We slept in and then took the subway to Yankee stadium.

I was a huge Yankees fan in middle school when I lived in Connecticut, so being at Yankee Stadium brought back a lot of memories!

I was excited to see that the grounds-keepers were still dancing to the YMCA at the 7th inning.

In spite of fact that the Mets game was rained out Friday night, Robert was able to trade in our tickets for tickets to the 3pm game on Saturday (which had become a double header). So we went to the 1pm Yankees game and then we took the subway to Shea and caught the last three innings of the Mets game and the complete second Mets game. That is a total of about 9 hours of the day devoted to baseball--Robert was in heaven!

Knitting is a great way for me to keep my hands busy when watching baseball!

Here is a picture of us with Steven and Jennie at the final Mets game.