A Glimpse of the Holidays

Typically the young married couple has great trouble dividing their time between families during the holidays. We do not experience that great trouble because Robert grew up with Thanksgiving being his family's major holiday and I grew up with Christmas being my family's major holiday. Therefore we spend Thanksgiving with Robert's family and Christmas with my family. For that we are truly blessed!


Robert went to Colorado early this year while I stayed home to work. We were apart 8 days! I made it to Colorado the day after Thanksgiving and we enjoyed about 5 days in Colorado together. We got to see some snow and we had good time with family and church family in Castle Rock. Here is pretty much the only picture we took while we were there...

This is a picture of us with Jeff, Tabitha, and Timmy Cole. They are dear friends of ours. Robert is wearing a sweater that I knitted for him...it is the first sweater I have ever knitted.


Christmas eve I was able to get off work at the hospital early (10:30am!) and Robert and I got in the car to drive to Wichita, Kansas where I have spent every Christmas of my entire life! My Grandparents live there. Again we had a great time with family. Here are a few pictures from our time in Wichita...

The Family

The newest member of the family, Lincoln. The first Grandbaby on the Martin side of the Family. He is wearing a bib I made for him.

Grandpa has Wi-Fi!!

My favorite gift...a HUGE spool of alpaca yarn from Peru!

One last picture of sweet baby Lincoln on a cowboy-print blanket that I made for him. Thank you Steve Martin family!