Why Angola?

Here is a video that Robert and I (mostly Robert) created to use as we spread the word about the needs in Angola. Like the title says, It gives a good picture of why we are going to Angola. Robert spent hours and hours working on it and We think it turned out pretty good for a homemade sideshow! After you check out the video, you should check out our family's website. On our website you will find a link to Robert's blog, a link to my blog, a link to the team website, our newsletters and information packet, and information on how you can be a part of our support team.


A New Tradition

We had our last 2008 Christmas celebration on January 30, 2009. This was the first Christmas that we celebrated as a mission team. Several months ago we drew names from a hat for a Christmas gift exchange. The Rules: The gift can either be handmade or you may sell something to obtain money or (in the case of our children) earn the money for the gift.

We began by having Alex choose which present should be opened first...

Danny had Robert's name! Robert received three different jar cookie mixes and some freshly baked cookies (made by Katie)...

Then it was Robert's turn to give a gift to....Eliana!

Robert hand sewed a baseball for Eliana! Aren't you impressed?? It has dual-purpose purple stitching that represents both the Colorado Rockies and Eliana's favorite color!

Eliana made (with the help of her mommy) a gift for Laura...

Thank you cards with a baby footprint (Ellie's) on them. Laura is pregnant with her second child that we fondly refer to as Baby Dois (Dois means two in Portuguese). The thank you cards will come in handy!

Laura drew Teague's name...

The card on the gift bag said "An easy dinner for a new mom...just add a salad! I hope it will help to have this on hand after you return from Ethiopia." She made jar soup, jar cornbread, and of course jar cookies! The Meyers cleaned up on jar cookies! Thank you Laura for such a thoughtful gift!

I had Alex's name and I made him a book called "Alex's first Portuguese Words" using pictures from our survey trip.

Alex made a gift for Katie. Pine cone ornaments!

Katie drew Rusty's name. Rusty received a book of Portuguese phrases (made by Danny)...it has phrases that Rusty would say as well as phrases that Rusty would find useful. I am bummed that I do not have any pictures of this! We were all too busy laughing as Rusty shared these phrases aloud! Just picture Rusty holding a small orange book boisterously reciting phrases like "I'm a big man" in Portuguese! Thankfully, we do have this on video.

Alex liked to help everyone open their presents.

Rusty sold some of his books to get Danny a book on his Amazon wish list...to bad the bookstore where Rusty sold the books did not have one single book from Danny's list! So Rusty gave Danny a little cash to buy a book on his list as well as a handy business card holder for his missionary business cards!

Well all of those gifts went in a circle, leaving Jordan and Nathan exchanging gifts! Here is what Nathan got Jordan...

What in the world!? Mineral Oil?? Just kidding...the mineral oil is for your brand new, hand made, cutting board that is in the shape of Angola! All the other girls on the team were jealous!!

Last but not least, Jordan made Nathan a photo album for all the great pictures that he takes! Look how happy he is!

It was a great opportunity to give a creative, meaningful gift to a teammate as well as a great opportunity for fun and laughter. Just think what it will be like when we have been on the mission field with each other for several years!