Any Adoption News?

With all this traveling we are constantly updating family, friends, and other people we meet on where we are in the Adoption process. Here is the update for the blog world...

We have been waiting almost 13 months for a referral. We are number 15 on the unofficial list. The wait time for siblings is difficult to predict. What we know is that the most recent sibling referral was given to a family who had waited 17 months and several sibling referrals were made in the month of May. Technically, we could receive a referral any day.

The Ethiopian courts close during the rainy season (late summer, early fall). During that time referrals will be given, but families who receive referrals during and prior to that time will have to wait for the courts to reopen in order to get a court date. You do not travel to Ethiopia until you "pass court." So, the court closure puts a little kink in things and will delay travel.

We look forward to knowing who our children are. We wait patiently, knowing that God is at work in this process. I am making good progress on the blankets for the kids, I have started sewing one of them together! I'll post pictures soon :)

I Didn't Realize I Was Such a Bad Blogger!

So...I guess this is an update on where we've been the past three months!

Since my last post Robert and I have been to Tuscaloosa Alabama, Dallas Texas, Bay Area California, Malibu California, Dallas Texas again, a stop in Shreveport Louisiana, Katy (near Houston) Texas, and Castle Rock Colorado. We've traveled for team meetings, to a Missions Resource Network Dinner, to visit my family, to the Pepperdine Lectureship, to a church planting workshop, to visit friends, to meet with a potential supporting congregation, to visit Robert's family, to watch a dear friend get married, and so much more. We go home to work and to do laundry and then we are traveling again! My friends at work are amazed at the way Robert and I travel and they are always asking me where I will be traveling to next!

So, I guess I will pick a few pictures to get this blog up to date!!!

We had a great time at a cabin in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a fun and relaxing team meeting.

Here is sweet Eliana Reese and her Tia Teague (Tia means aunt in Portuguese).

This is the Angola Mission Team in beautiful Malibu, California for the Pepperdine Lectureship where our team presented "New Strategies for New Fields in Africa: The Case of Angola."

We went to Colorado to go to our dear friend Heidi Springston's wedding. Heidi snuck up behind us at the reception and gave us this big hug, Jenn Green was quick to get this fun picture! Here we are in our first picture with Mrs. Heidi Treibel (her husband, Dustin, is there in the background).

While in Colorado, we went to Idaho Springs with Robert's Parent's and Grandma for some AMAZING Beau Joes "Colorado Style" pizza.

We are truly blessed to be able to travel so much and see so much!