Colorado Team Meeting

As we prepare for mission work in Angola, our team has made it a priority to visit all of our supporting congregations as a team. This month we went to Colorado Springs, Colorado to visit Nathan's supporting congregation, the East Side Church of Christ. We were there from August 6-13th.

We had several days of meeting together as a team where we made many important decisions. We made decisions about homeschool curriculum, team mentors, and when we want to arrive in Angola (among other things). As long as visas work out in a timely manner, we hope to be in Angola in October. After some very productive meeting time, we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park for some fun!

Here are some pictures from our team meeting in Colorado...

Robert being the task master and Katie, team secretary, taking notes.

Nathan and Rusty concentrating.

I work on my knitting projects, it helps me listen :)

On Friday evening the team was able to surprise Robert with tickets for all of us to go to a Rockies game! We had been secretly emailing about it months in advance :) I had been sick on Friday, so I wasn't at the meeting. Robert picked me up after the meeting to take me to "dinner with the elders." When we got to the church, the team was waiting for us, dressed in purple, black, and Rockies or baseball themed clothing. Alex was shouting "we're going to a baseball game!" over and over and Nathan told Robert that we were no longer meeting with the elders. Then he asked Robert, "Do you want to go to a baseball game?" Of course we all know the answer to that question! I handed Robert one of his Rockies T-shirts that I had packed for him and we were on our way.

Here is a picture of the sun setting over the mountains, Laura's favorite part.

Robert and me at the game. I am turned funny because I am hiding the bruise that I got from hitting myself in the eye with the car door on the way to the game. I had quite a day...sick to my stomach all day and a shiner!

It was Alex, Eliana, and Stephen's first baseball game! What a special thing to share with Tio (that means uncle in Portuguese)) Robert!

Go Rockies! Or as Alex says it "Go Wockies!"

Sweet sleeping Stephen. All three kids did great at the game!

Rocky Mountain National Park!! I love this place because I have so many memories of going here with my family as a kid.

Check out the view from our camp site!

Making S'mores.

We went on a hike to lake Hiayaha. On the way we saw Nymph Lake.

The ladies on the hike. Sadly, Jordan couldn't join us for the hike, she had to go back to work.

Alex and Danny were the first ones to lake Hiayaha!

Check out this awesome picture of the lake that Robert took!

Having a picnic lunch at the lake!

All the kids slept on the way home...


We passed court!

We received an email from our agency specialist this afternoon (Portugal time) stating we passed court! We are officially Efesson and Biruk's parents. We also received "social reports" on each of our boys. The social report is a written social history complete with pictures and information on the child's adjustment, temperament, sleeping, feeding, development, and more!

Meet Efesson and Biruk!

We praise God for these boys and we look forward to the day that we meet them.


Portugal - Here We Come!

Robert and I are currently sitting in the Denver airport waiting to board our flight. We will fly from Denver to London and then London to Lisbon! We will study Portuguese for 9 weeks, returning home to North Little Rock on October 12th. Please pray for us!