Am I REALLY Flying to Ethiopia Tomorrow?!

Just a quick synopsis of our time back in the states...

We flew home on Monday, October 12th and when we arrived at our home that evening we found that there was a ridiculous amount of mold all over our belongings, so we did some unexpected cleaning and went to bed. The next morning I woke up at 3:30am and couldn't sleep, so I got up and cleaned. I cleaned until lunch time and Robert and I went out to lunch with some friends. After lunch Robert, got a hair cut (so that he would look more like the pictures that we sent to the boys) while I went to Walmart to buy a few things for the boys. That evening we went to Silver City Mentoring and then out to dinner with friends. On Wednesday morning I cleaned the house and packed until we went over to a friend's house for lunch. Also, that morning, we put our moldy couch and recliner on the curb and they were gone in less than 30 minutes (a plus to living in the hood)! After lunch we borrowed a mini van to pick up a new used couch from a local church and took it to the house and Robert got a new driver's license. We returned the mini van and I went to Target to spend some gift cards on what we still needed for the boys until it was time for life group. We had dinner with friends after life group, then I stayed up until nearly 2am to finish packing. The next morning we drove to Nashville for a team meeting.

How many future adoptive mothers do you know who can clean the entire (moldy) house, go shopping for all that she needs for her children in Ethiopia, pack, and do all that other stuff in just TWO DAYS! I need some props...comment below :)