Flashback to Ethiopia

Here are the long awaited pictures of our time with the boys in Ethiopia. These are the pictures that we and the members of our travel group took of our free time with the boys at the CHSFS guest house. Our agency was thoughtful enough to film and take pictures of our first meeting with the boys, so we didn't have our camera at those particular moments. The following pictures are of our precious play time/get to know you time with Efesson and Biruk.

There was a cozy coupe at the guest house for the kids to play with and, as you can see, Efesson and Biruk got a lot of use out of it each day that they came to the guest house to be with us.

We took the boys up to our room in the guest house to read some books and explore where they would be sleeping in a few days.

Me holding Biruk on one van ride back to the care center from the guest house.

Robert's first diaper change!

Biruk's pants falling down was a common finding due to the fact that every pair of pants that I brought for him was too big!

Erin and Megan, two CHSFS volunteers, loving on our boys. These girls were a fountain of valuable information and care deeply for all of the children at the care center.

The day that we were to leave Ethiopia, the guesthouse staff prepared a traditional coffee ceremony for our travel group.

Here is our travel group, kids and all, with the guest house staff after the coffee ceremony.

These are the adults from our travel group. We had an unusually small travel group. We traveled with one other couple and a CHSFS social worker who would escort one little guy home to his family. It was truly a blessing to have a small travel group!

Here is one final picture to make you smile. This is Robert and I the night before the boys were fully in our care dancing with one of the dancers at the Yod Abyssinia restaurant. This is the only time that Robert has ever danced with me...