Our First Three Weeks Home Slideshow

Here is a three minute slide show of some of the pictures we took the first three weeks the boys were home...

Airport Pictures by Ruple Photography

I should have quickly posted all these pictures soon after we returned home from Ethiopia. Instead, I am posting them exactly three months to the day that we walked off our airplane and into the Little Rock Airport....

Our friend and teammate, Jordan (a.k.a Tia Jordan...remember Tia is aunt in Portuguese), was there to meet us and our friends Brent and April Ruple (they own their own photography business, Ruple Photography) were there to take these photos...

The flights were for the most part, uneventful. The boys enjoyed pushing the brightness buttons on their TVs more than they enjoyed watching movies. They slept well and Biruk was only "that kid" (you know, the kid crying on the airplane) for one hour during the flight from Amsterdam to Memphis (from the moment we had to put on our seatbelts to the moment we finally took off). The rest of that flight he laid down in his seat and was quiet whether he was asleep or not. The most traumatic part of the journey home was our six hour layover in Amsterdam. Biruk was over-tired and easily upset. At one point he cried so hard and so loud that he vomited all over Robert and himself!


My Favorite Pictures from Ethiopia

This is our first picture as a family.

This is a picture of Efesson and Biruk cutting the cake at the going away ceremony that the CHSFS Ethiopia team hosts for the kids. The oldest children going home get to cut the cake. It was a very special ceremony. All of the kids Efesson's age were there and they (including Efesson) performed a couple of songs for all of us. They have a prayer for all of the families, Robert was able to say a prayer and then a prayer was said in Amharic. They also have each of the kids dip their hand in red paint and place it on a piece of paper that will go into a book with the handprints of adopted children past and future.