Photo Shoot

Just over two weeks after the boys came home from Ethiopia, we went out to our friends April and Brent Ruple's photography studio and April took some family pictures for us. It was a frustratingly difficult experience for me. You see, Robert and I have this theory that because there were cameras at the care center in Ethiopia (taking pictures of the boys and the other children for their social report and their lifebooks), the boys don't particularly like having their picture taken (we noticed this both in Ethiopia and since we've been home). On top of that Efesson was distracted by everthing and Biruk was an emotional mess that day. In spite of the difficult shoot, April, with her incredible talent, managed to get several great pictures of our family. Here are ten of them...

The boys have become much more comfortable with the camera these days. They can hold still long enough to get their picture taken and they will even smile for the camera!