Team Christmas 2009

You might remember the Angola team Christmas tradition we began last year. Here are the pictures from our 2009 team Christmas. We celebrated at the end of the team meeting that we had in Austin, TX at the beginning of December.

The Gifts.

First, Alex opened a train painted by Eliana (and Katie).

Then Nathan opened hot cocoa mix and chocolate dipped spoons from Alex.

Eliana received this awesome "Elliephant" from Tio Nathan that he made out of a sock! Nathan sewed it himself! I think the team has unanimously decided that Nathan has come up with the most creative gifts so far (see the cutting board he made for Jordan last year)!

I embroidered this "Angola Mission Team" tote for Laura.

Laura made a visual journal for Katie. She tore pictures out of magazines and creatively pasted them onto the pages of a blank journal. It turned out very cute! This is a picture of a dandelion split over two pages.

Katie painted a train for Efesson (with help from Eliana).

Alex and Efesson had a great time playing with their trains together!

Efesson made a cover for this Lisbon Moleskine Notebook for Rusty. Complete with helpful phone numbers and other information that we learned while we were in Portugal.

Rusty made a alphabet train puzzle for Biruk.

Biruk made a cover for a Lisbon Moleskine Notebook for Danny.

Danny wrote a hilarious song for Robert, you might have seen the video of it on facebook. If not, let me know and I'll help you find it. If you know Robert well, you will laugh very hard.

Here is a picture of Robert as Danny sings him the song. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the concert!

Robert made Stephen a football.

Stephen made Jordan a Christmas tree hand towel (with some help from Mommy and Alex... Alex's thumbprints are the ornaments on the tree).

Last, but not least, Jordan made me this fun bag!

Merry Christmas (in April :)!