What do you do when you loose a tooth?

We learned that Efesson had a loose tooth in March. He worked on it all month and on March 27th, in the San Jose Airport, while waiting for our airplane to depart, Efesson lost his third bottom tooth (the left lateral incisor).

The very loose tooth just before it came out.

Proper pressure applied to the site, tooth on napkin in hand.

The future home of an adult tooth.

Efesson had been preparing us for what was going to happen when his tooth fell out. He used his greatly improved, but still limited English to tell us that when his tooth comes out he will throw it on the roof of the house and the moon will come "down, down, down" (using exaggerated hand motions) to get it and the moon will have something to do with getting the adult tooth back into Efesson's mouth.

That day in the airport a row of people at our gate celebrated Efesson losing his tooth with us. One lady told me about a book called Throw Your Tooth on the Roof that she had just read to her first graders without knowing what Efesson had been telling us about his tooth! So, I checked the book out from the library. It is a book full of "tooth traditions from around the world" as the subtitle states. Throwing teeth on the roof is a much more common tooth tradition than the tooth fairy!

A couple of days after we got home from California we went outside to perform the "throw your tooth on the roof" ceremony. We knew that Efesson, even though he has a pretty good arm, would not be able to throw his tooth on the roof. So we made him as tall as possible by placing him on the ladder and filmed the event. Here are three videos that I took of the event with our Flip It...enjoy!


Wichita 2009

The Final Christmas 2009 blog entry...

Christmas in Wichita

We arrived in Wichita the week of Christmas and set out to find and purchase a real Christmas tree to decorate with Efesson and Biruk. At our second (or maybe third) store we bought one of the last two trees. It was a little barren on one side, a little dry, and its top branch jutted out sideways, but it was ours and it was ONE DOLLAR! Yep, that's right folks, if you happen to take one of the last Christmas trees that Lowe's has the week of Christmas, you will get quite the bargain!

Here we are decorating our tree...

Adding some flair to the top.

Uncle Clay (my brother) arrived in Wichita late one night while the Efesson and Biruk were sleeping. They had seen his picture in their photo albums ever since they arrived in Ethiopia and they were excited to meet this guy! A quick note about the photo albums...everyone pictured in those photo albums is quickly recognized and welcomed into the lives of E and B.

Therefore, when E and B woke up the next morning, they were ready to meet Uncle Clay. So, we called down the laundry shoot and the vents "WAKE UP UNCLE CLAY! COME AND PLAY WITH US!"

Granddad helped.

Finally, Uncle Clay came out to play!

And those boys LOVE playing with their Uncle Clay!

Here are some pictures of us opening presents with the Martin side of the family...

Efesson tying "baby Lincoln's" shoe. Baby Lincoln is my cousin Andrea's son. The boys learned to call him that when they first met him in November, it sounds something like "behbeelinkin" and is said very fast. Lincoln is not much of a baby anymore (he's walking, learning to talk, and he is a pro at animal noises) but he is to my boys :)

My cousin Jeff throwing Efesson up into the air!

How much longer to I have to wait to open these presents?!

Efesson's digital camera from my Uncle Greg and Aunt Toby. He learned to love taking pictures with an old cell phone at Greg and Toby's house, so they helped him develop his hobby :) If I had posted this earlier, I would have shared some of Efesson's shots from this night, but sadly he found the delete button on the camera :(

Biruk reading a book with my cousin Alison.

Christmas with the Houseman family. Good BBQ, reading Luke 2, & "dirty santa" gift exchange.

The Houseman side of the family welcomed Efesson and Biruk with a supply of art supplies for us to take to Angola with us and a cake that Efesson accidentally stuck his finger in because he didn't know the pretty yellow icing was gooey. Check out my cousin Laurissa's face as she watches him experience the cake!

A final Merry Christmas until this December (you have 8 shopping months left)!

Colorado November 2009

I have a complex. I have to write about old events on this blog before I can write about new, recent events. This is a problem when my two new children are doing very cute, blogworthy things! So get through these next three posts about Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009 and you will get to see some fun stuff!

A video of our time in Colorado last November...