A Minha Vida em Portugal (My life in Portugal)

Here are some Pictures from our last two months in Portugal! It is hard to believe that we have been here for a longer period of time than Robert and I were here last year. This place feels more like home this time, I guess!

The day after we arrived in Lisbon, with the team in our teacher, Eunice, in her studio.

We continued our family's pizza and movie night tradition and now we invite Jordan to join us!

Biruk turned 3 years old the day we arrived in Portugal and we celebrated his birthday a couple days later with the whole team.

All of the team kids in their Ethiopian clothes!

Alex and Efesson are now living just a short bus ride away from each other and they love it!

Our first field trip (this stay in Portugal) was to Sintra to see the Palácio National de Sintra.

Our team at the Palácio National de Sintra.

Biruk eating (and loving!) snails. Efesson ate them after pressure from everyone around the table and did not enjoy them...but he did enjoy the attention!

We went on a team outing to the beach! Here is Steven enjoying the ocean for the first time!

Girl's class! Eunice says that we have more fun than the boys!

While you had your memorial day weekend, we also had a long weekend in Portugal, so we went to Coimbra, Portugal with the Reeses.

Eliana loves her friend "Hep!"
"Hep" is what Eliana calls Efesson. She Calls Biruk "Bouk" and she calls Robert "Yabow"

Biruk at Portugal dos Pequenitos in Coimbra, an amusement park of sorts with kid sized versions of many palaces, buildings, etc. in Portugal.

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush! We also enjoyed eating the mulberries!

We enjoyed hiking in the Bussaco Forest in Luso, Portugal near Coimbra.

Luso, Portugal is known for their mineral water springs. It flows freely from fountains and springs in the town.

Our second field trip to Cabo da Roca.

Hair cuts!

Outside the church where we watched the Portugal vs. Brasil game during the group stage of the World Cup. Everyone is wearing their Porugal colors (some while supporting the Colorado Rockies at the same time!).

Efesson looking good with his haircut (enhanced by some accessories).

For our second team outing we rode the trolley in Lisbon to the Jardim das Estrelas.

Our Trolley.

Efesson enjoyed climbing with Tio Danny and Daddy.

Jordan and Robert pushing the kids on the swings.

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Cabo Da Roca 2009 and 2010

Cabo da Roca, September 18, 2009

Cabo a Roca, June 18, 2010


One year ago: The Call

One year ago today, July 7, we received the phone call. We received a referral for brothers, Efesson and Biruk Yilma and we saw these 4 pictures...

At the time we had just made plans to go to Portugal for two months and we were a little worried about how that would interfere with the adoption process! I guess things worked out!

The boys have been home for over 8 months now.