Family Angola Email Update - July 23 2011

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Update – July 23, 2011


The Blessing of Family Away from Family - Part 2

We lived at the Instituto Biblico Português in Santo Antão do Tojal, Portugal (about a 40 minute bus ride to Lisbon). Here is a link to a photo gallery of the campus. It was a great temporary home for our family. When we first moved there Nathan and Jordan lived there with us and all of us shared a kitchen. Over the 14 months that we have lived here we have watched many people of many different nationalities come and go. There have been many whom we thought we would leave behind one day who ended up leaving before us! Each person that we met is part of the kingdom of God and God has brought each one to Portugal for a unique reason.

38632_428012448440_576578440_4803810_8113272_n Linda Jordan (pictured in purple in the picture on the right) is an American going to Huambo, Angola (the same town as us) with Wycliffe bible translators. She previously spent 6 years in Ethiopia with the same organization. God knew what he was doing when he brought Linda into our lives, don't you think? She has been such a special person for the boys to talk with about Ethiopia. She patiently answers ALL of the questions that Efesson throws at her! We can’t wait to see her again in Huambo!

DSC_4871-2Regina Dos Anjos (pictured in blue at our Thanksgiving dinner ) is a Brazilian with a heart for missions. She was in Portugal to study at the University. She was always smiling even though she was tired from all the hard work she put into school and church. We were so thankful to have her at the team retreat in November to help by watching over the team kids.

Marques Mente, a student while we were there, (far right) is now a graduate of IBP and he works with one of the local churches. He is always very busy working for the Kingdom of God in Portugal.


DSC_4926Urs and Esther Buff (left) are Swiss-German and have spent their lives as missionaries in South Africa. They came to Portugal to study with Eunice so that they could communicate better when in Mozambique, teaching people about children's ministry.




Carlos and Ana Freitas (right) are students at IBP, a young Portuguese couple who is fluent in English. They were some of our best language teachers. They even began reserving one day a week to speak to us ONLY in Portuguese. Carlos is an expert in making Portuguese deserts and he had the desire to learn to make pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and cheese cake, so, of course, we traded recipes. He also spent a lot of time with Efesson on the campo (field) helping him to work on his football skills. Carlos and Ana moved back to Coimbra, Portugal and had their baby girl, Salomé, in May. We were able to meet her a couple of times before we left for Angola.  

IMG_0522Christian (German) and Marlise (Swiss) Schlötterer (the couple on the left at our shared kitchen table) are also student's of Eunice's. They left about a week before us to go back to Germany and Switzerland before heading to Mozambique in September. They are a very sweet couple and we have enjoyed having them around to talk to and laugh with. Fun fact: Christian makes cakes from scratch with no recipe and when one is gone it is time to make another!

Senhor Pestana and his wife, Dona Fernanda, (both pictured with the boys below) are the nearly retired caretakers of IBP. Efesson and Biruk love spending time with Them around campus. They are Efesson and Biruk’s Portuguese grandparents. Donna Fernanda even shed some tears when she said goodbye to the boys last Friday.







Those are the residents that we spent the most time with, but there are plenty of others who were around from anywhere from one day to two months, not to mention the IBP staff and students that we spent time with day to day. We have so many memories of IBP. Even though we sacrificed some privacy by living in a small apartment with only two rooms and a bathroom and sharing a kitchen with other residents, we have been greatly blessed by the relationships and the huge yard for the boys to run and play in!


5 Days in Angola

We are staying with the Evanson family in Luanda, Angola. They are an American embassy family of six. Efesson and Biruk are having a blast playing with their youngest two girls, Jesse (age 7) and Grace (age 10).

Robert has been out with the guys and Jordan accomplishing items on the “to-do-before-moving-to-Huambo list” and researching options for things like cell phones, internet, bank accounts, container shipping, vehicles, etc. Tomorrow they will meet with church leaders.

I stay at home with Katie and the kids. We have also been out of the house walking and riding in the “candongueiros” (blue and white public transportation vans) to go to church, visit the grocery stores, and to visit the embassy, but mostly we stay home doing laundry, cooking meals, caring for children, and apparently, blogging (more than 2 posts in a week is practically unheard of on this blog). I am going to complete the “Thankful for” posts that I started in Portugal and keep you updated on what is going on in Angola…at least until the reliable internet is gone!

Angola (8)


We are in Angola!

We arrived in Angola on July 9th at 4:30am with every single one of our bags, a place to stay, and a ride for us and all of our bags! We have had so much come together for us in the three days we’ve been here, including a call today that Robert has his residency visa ready for him in Houston, TX! We are thankful to God for the smooth transition that we have had so far.
Here we are about to board the 8.5 hour flight from London, England to Luanda, Angola.