The FIRST Team Birthday in Angola!

We all thought or said last year, “my next birthday will be in Angola…” In February of this year, we said, “surely we will be able to celebrate our birthdays in Angola.” Then we celebrated 8 Angola Team birthdays in 8 weeks (there is a high birthday concentration in April and early May) in…Portugal…again in Portugal! Then we started telling Efesson he would be the first one to have a birthday in Angola, and finally we were right!

We celebrated Efesson’s birthday on July 19th.

In the morning, Tio Nathan took Efesson and Biruk to the Porsche dealer in Luanda to “see the race cars.” Then he took them to walk on the beach for a little bit and then to Bob’s Burgers, a local fast food chain, where they got lunch, their faces painted, balloons and some time on the play place. Here are the before and after pictures, you can see the pictures of their outing with Nathan here. What a great tio!











In the evening we celebrated with Reese’s Pieces Brownies, a candle in the shape of the number 6, friends, and presents!
















The candle sparked a little while I was lighting it (notice the faces) and the flame was huge! Yes – we bought it in Angola.









We got to skype with the Campbells!










It’s official, Efesson is a Benfiquista!

Fun story: When Robert and I were in Portugal in 2009, Robert decided he would be for the Braga football team (who was in the lead at the time, but wasn’t one of the larger, more popular football clubs). He decided this mainly to create friendly banter (also useful for Portuguese practice) between him and the men at Church, especially because Braga kept beating their larger, more popular clubs (allowing for more friendly banter). Robert bought a Braga T-shirt and everything. The Reeses (A Benfica football club family) gave this cachecol (scarf) to Efesson, who is a self-proclaimed Benfiquista, for his birthday. Knowing that story, Robert’s face is priceless in this picture!


Saying Goodbye to Portugal


First, an Angola Update: Temporary Living

We’ve been in Angola for over three weeks now. We will be living life here in a temporary way for a quite a while. Right now we are living with the Evanson family. When we arrive in Huambo, in the next week, we will be staying in a home and riding in a car that is not our own. After Robert gets back from his trip to Namibia (to send off the temporary visa and get a permanent one) on Wednesday, we will head to Huambo for about 10 days before (at least) Robert turns around and comes back to Luanda for a conference for the church group that we work with here, Igrejas de Cristo em Angola (ICA). After that we should be free to start settling in a bit more. I am looking forward to the day when we can begin to settle in, but right now I am happy and thankful to have friends who are willing to let us share their homes, allowing us to take this process more slowly.

Next, Saying Goodbye to Portugal

Our last days in Portugal were well spent. The goodbyes were hard, and, yes, I cried, but they were done well. Our last Sunday, the team provided a breakfast for the church and the church sent us off with a prayer and a song from the kids.










IMG_1087 IMG_1196

We were able to celebrate the 4th of July at the home of our friends, the Mullins, with our team and the Neves family.

Saying goodbye to Kevin and Angelina Mullins

We even got everything packed a day early and were able relax and enjoy our last day in Portugal! On our last day in Portugal we drove two hours to Coimbra, Portugal to experience a little of rural Portugal life and say goodbye to our friends Carlos and Ana and their baby, Salomé. That evening we took the boys to see Cars II in Portuguese, which was a fun movie to see in that environment because of all of the poking fun that was made at Americans in foreign lands (we definitely know something about that)!

Saying goodbye to Carlos, Ana, and Salomé.

On the morning of our flight, we got up, got ready, and then a caravan of friends took us, and all of our stuff to the Airport! Our friends from IBP - Gary and Terri Camlin, the boys teachers and Classmates - Nuno, Marta, Sara, and Fifi Fonseca, the Campbell family, and many friends from Church joined us at the Airport to send us off.


Terri Camlin, the boys English Teacher, and the boys before leaving IBP.


The boys and the Fonseca girls at the Airport (note the abundance of baggage).


Efesson and Alex Campbell saying goodbye.