The Greatest Food Known to Man

My boys still speak of injera as the greatest food known to man. The most I've ever seen Biruk eat was at the age of 2 1/2 at an Ethiopian restaurant in Denver (a little over a month after we became a family) - he ate what seemed like an impossible amount and he ate FAST (a feat for Biruk) breathing through pursed lips and saying "sthpithy!" (that's spicy with a lisp). Efesson will talk about Injera rubbing his belly, saying yuuuuummm, and making slurping, drooling noises. 

Ethiopian food on Biruk's 4th birthday - May 4, 2011
Sadly, the last time we ate real Ethiopian food was in the spring of 2010 just shortly before we moved to Portugal. I brought the Ethiopian spice, berbere, with us to Portugal and made Ethiopian food a whole...twice...while we were in Portugal - making injera with regular ol' wheat flour instead of the tef flour that injera should be made out of, and sadly, it's just not the same. 

We all are looking forward to furlough this fall when we can stop in a few Ethiopian restaurants in Denver, Berkeley, Memphis, Atlanta, etc...for some good eating. I also have some tef flour waiting for me in my in laws' freezer so that I can make the real stuff! 

Have you experienced Ethiopian food? If not, get to your nearest Ethiopian restaurant and eat some for me and my deprived children! Or in the words of Bart Simpson, "Grab a pancake and slurp some slop!"

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