One Last Chance to Be a Thoughtful Blogger

I do a lot of blog reading. Less now that I live in Angola and have more internet difficulties, but still a lot. I have hundreds of blogs in my reader - friend's blogs, adoption blogs, missionary blogs, mom blogs, knitting blogs, cooking blogs, homeschool blogs, and more. I got hooked on blogs when we started the adoption process - reading and processing the waiting period, reading and anticipating our referral, reading and planning our journey to Ethiopia, reading and planning for life as a family by adoption. There are some blogs that I really enjoy reading and they usually the ones written by thoughtful, every-day people.

I am afraid that my blog lacks the thoughtful commentary that I love to read myself. Back in the day I threw some "thought" in here and there. There are some great pictures of our time in Portugal and our 2008 Survey trip to Angola, but I'm not even showing pictures of our current ministry or life here in Angola. Yes, I know, I haven't been posting at all.

I promise I do a lot of blog writing...obviously not here...I do it in my brain. I'd say I have an idea for a blog post at least daily. So I am giving myself one last chance to be a thoughtful blogger before the "B" in blog stands only for brain...

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Campbell Family said...

I still check in on your blog now and then! I look forward to all the thoughtful blogging I know will be forthcoming. Love you!